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What is Inbound Marketing? How Inbound Marketing Can Help Your Small Business Grow?

Here are my notes taken during one of HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing webinar…

Inbound Marketing: What is it, and why should you care?

Traditional marketing methods (outbound)

    • Broadcasting your messages
    • TV, radio, newspaper, telephone, emails, snail mail
    • Interrupting marketing (interrupting people’s activities
    • Technology are now helping people tune out these outbound marketing

Inbound Marketing – Get Found using Google, Social Media, … by Brian Halligan / Dharmesh Shah

    • Inbound mkt avenues: RSS, Google, YouTube, Social Media outlets
    • Get Found:
      • SEO
      • Blogging
      • Social media
    • Convert
      • Traffic to leads
      • Leads to customers
    • Analyze
      • Where are customers coming from?
        • Keywords, social media outlets
      • Most overlooked
    • Challenge: beautiful website but no traffic coming in (like billboard in the desert)
    • Important: need to evolve mkt strategy to adopt to current trends
    • Most common mistakes:
      • 9 out of 10 small biz don’t have right keywords in Title Tags (the top of the browser)
        • Keywords = SE queries
        • Co. name/website name in Title Tags = mistake
        • Keywords on the most left = most important (priority: left to right)
        • Best practices: max 2 keywords/page, use | to separate
        • Each page should have unique keywords… mix it up!
        • Add city to Title Tags = add local
      • 50% small biz don’t have a blog
        • Don’t use free blogging site like Blogger.com, WordPress.com, etc. (not hosted with primary domain)
        • Need to use your primary domain for blog URL
        • Blogging = post content regularly
        • Blogging helps you include keywords in site content
        • Blogging attracts inbound links
        • Blogs get indexed by Google
          • More indexed pages = better
        • The more blog posts, the more leads will generate
        • 5 rules for blog content
          • Answer industry questions
            • 50 – 100 words, short and sweet answers
            • FAQs
          • Comment on industry news
          • Provide how-to based content
            • Generate most inbound links
          • Encourage readers to comment
          • Post articles consistently
            • Commit to adding new contents regularly
          • Make sure readers can subscribe to your blog via email
            • Turn your blog into newsletter
          • Photos in every blog posts
        • 50% of small biz don’t have Call to Action on each page of site
          • Giving something away of value in return of something valuable
            • “get free quote”, “download report”, “get a free estimate!”
          • Only 4% of visitors are ready to buy
            • Most are in research mode
          • Help build trust with visitor
          • Make Call to Action standout
          • 3 Rules for CTA’s
            • Target the 96%
            • At least 2 /page
            • Keep it above the fold

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