{Webinar Notes}: Website Redesign and Optimization

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What is it about:

Learn the best practice of redesigning you website and achieve search engine optimization

Here are my notes I took during the webinar:

Website exposure life cycle:

    • Get Found –> Convert –> Analyze

Best Practice traffic path:

    • Home Page –> CTA (call-to-action) –> Landing Page

CTAs for All Stages of Buying Cycle

    • Early: info kits, how-to, white papers, case studies
    • Middle: webinars, ROI calculators, self-assessments
    • Late: in-depth seminars, onsite assessments, demo, quotations, “buy now” incentives

Website Design Tips

    • Know your purpose
    • Think like your customers
    • Make it easy to navigate
    • Reduce load time
    • Avoid surprises
      • Movies, music, etc that take extra time to load
    • Document everything

CTA (call-to-action) = an offer

    • Can your CTA “close”?
    • What action would you like your visitor to do?  Do you want the visitor to:
      • Call you?
      • Sign up for webinar, download
      • Go to different pages (landing pages)
    • There are specific actions
    • Images = important in connecting offer (consistency)
    • CTA Images = entire image should be clickable
    • Contrasting colors = make things (main point) standout
    • List what visitor will get (set expectations)

Business Blog

    • Increase traffic/inbound
    • Keep content fresh (good for SEO)

Landing Page = CTA info page

    • Interior page (not Home)
    • Visitors will ask:
    • What am I here?
    • What am I supposed to do?
    • What should I do next
      • Consider friction = # of fields in an entry/submit form
      • Consider anxiety = asking for Credit Card info

      Using Flash/Animation on Home/Landing Page

        • Flash can’t be seen/read by SE crawlers/robots (not SEO friendly)
        • Flash not usable on most smartphones (comes up blank)

      Audience Eye Flow

        • Upper left to right

      Deeper the pages, the harder for people to stay interested

        • Each click deeper you lose about 20% audience
        • CTA should be on top level

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