{Webinar Notes}: State of Social Media Marketing Industry

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Michael Stelzner
Michael is the founder of Social Media Examiner, a leading social media blog and author of the Social Media Marketing Industry Report.  He is also the founder of SocialMediaExaminer.com

Hosted by:

Kipp Bodnar, Blog Manager at HubSpot

What is it about:
    • Where social media marketers are investing their time and effort
    • The social media sites marketers most want to learn more about
    • How B2B varies from B2C with social media marketing
    • Where highly experienced social media marketers focus their efforts

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Here are my notes I took during the webinar (copied from my Twitter feed, hence the hash tag #StateofSM):

    • Who’s doing social media right: @HubSpot, Starbucks (B2C), Intel (B2B). #StateofSM
    • Blogs are probably the MOST CRITICAL for SEO. #StateofSM
    • Best content of social media: relevent and something your audience can relate <~ that’s marketing in general. #StateofSM
    • Best content of social media: new & novel content. #StateofSM
    • Will email marketing go away with all the social media now? According to @kbodnar32: No. #StateofSM
    • Marketers want to know most about Facebook -> coz Facebook keeps changing their stuff! #StateofSM
    • Top Social media outsourcing tasks: design & dev; content creation; analytics, monitoring, etc.. #StateofSM
    • Larger business are more likely to employ geo-location. #StateofSM
    • Blogging can be a great tool for B2B companies to generate traffic and leads. #StateofSM
    • 2011 top social media focus: blogs #StateofSM
    • 2011 top social media focus: Facebook. #StateofSM
    • 2011 top social media focus: YouTube/video. #StateofSM
    • B2B social media: more focused on LinkedIn & video; B2C: focused on Facebook. #StateofSM
    • Most used social media (top to bottom): Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, YouTube, social bookmarking, geo locations, groupon, myspace
    • Small biz gain greatest result from social media marketing.#StateofSM
    • At least 65% marketers with 6+ hrs weekly in social media saw improvement in search engine ranking. #StateofSM
    • social media: the longer you do it, the more content/relationship you create/build, the better the result. #StateofSM
    • 72% marketers with 3+ yrs social media experience find social media helped them close business. #StateofSM
    • Benefits of social media -> improve search rankings, new business partnerships, generate qualified leads. #StateofSM
    • 58% marketers use social media for 6+ hrs weekly; 34% spend 11+ hrs weekly. #StateofSM
    • Fine balance between being social & selling must be understood.#StateofSM
    • Social commerce: e-commerce using social platforms like Facebook. #StateofSM
    • Top social media question 3: What are the best way to sell with social media? conversion, conversion, conversion! #StateofSM
    • Social media can impact all other forms of marketing. #StateofSM
    • Connecting & managing all aspects of social media is important – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, etc. #StateofSM
    • Top social media question 2: How do I integrate and manage all of my social media marketing activities? #StateofSM
    • Marketer dilemma: bosses/clients want proof on how social media is helping business… #StateofSM
    • Top social media question 1: How do I measure the effect of social media marketing on my business? #StateofSM
    • 90% of marketers think social media is important to their business!#StateofSM
    • We spent on avg. 1/4 of time spent on computer on social media#StateofSM
    • 73% of businesses plan to up their use of social media… are you one of them? #StateofSM