Learning Mac Keyboard Symbols & Shortcuts

mac-tipsI knew that Mac has a different set of keyboard shortcuts from PC, and it would take a little bit of time to get used to using the new keys for things like Copy, Paste, Cut, Find, Prt Scr (Print Screen), etc…

Little that I knew was there are TONS of keyboard shortcuts available (may be PC has just as many but I have never used more any other than the usual stuff)…

So here are a few things I have learned so far:

  • PC’s Control key = Mac’s Command key — for the most part.  Everything you do in PC using the Control key (e.g. Control+C for copy, Control+V for paste, etc), you do it with the Command key instead on a Mac keyboard.
  • Command + T opens a new tab in any web browser; Command + N opens a new window.
  • Mac has tons and tons of keyboard shortcuts!  Check out Apple’s keyboard shortcut support doc for the full list.
  • Mac instructor and designer Dan Rodney offers some great resources on using Mac, especially for newbies like moi…  He put together a comprehensive Mac keyboard shortcut lists, as well as a Multi-Touch Gesture list and other tips and tricks.

While next to each menu item there is a hint of what the keyboard shortcut for that item is, the symbols representing each key are a little confusing, I must say… And here is a little cheat sheet of what keys the symbols represent:


Table by Dan Rodney (www.danrodney.com/)

Keyboard Shortcut List by Apple

Keyboard Shortcut List by Dan Rodney