Google+ Tips: Text Formatting


One thing I definitely like about Google+ is the ability to edit my posts and comments after they have been posted.  I can’t remember how many times I had to delete and repost things on Facebook because of stupid typos.


And then I noticed something today that I didn’t notice before (I must admit I haven’t been active on social network sites lately, and I’m still getting used to using G+) — Text formatting!


Whoa!  How cool is that!  The coolest thing Facebook has done so far, as far as text formatting is concerned, is turning “<3” into ♥!  And while G+ doesn’t print ♥’s, you can do the following to jazz up your post:

  • Bold: bookend your text with *’s (asterisks).
    • For example: *this text is in bold* = this text is in bold
  • Italic: bookend your text with _’s (underscores).
    • For example : _underlining some text_ = underlining some text
  • Strike through: bookend your text with -‘s (dashes).
    • For example: -cross out some text- = cross out some text

Cool stuff, isn’t it?  I definitely need to play with G+ more because it definitely seems like a better social network platform, at least from the functionality standpoint.  What do you think?

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