A Dive into the Rabbit Hole of Pinterest Spamming …


It all started with a +Daily Dot article on +Mashable about how Pinterest spammers hurt a small business owner

Which then led me to a stack of articles on +Daily Dot about Pinterest spamming.

Starting with a story of how spammers exploit Pinterest

Apparently a little more than a month ago, there was some kind of hack on Pinterest that made regular users look like spammers

There’s the story of hunting down one of the spammers; the ousted spammer’s tell-all; and the follow up of more ways to spot spammers

There’s even some info about how spammers are making money from exploiting Pinterest!

Some people, spammers or not, argue that spamming is really just a form of marketing. They might be right, but that doesn’t mean I like seeing junk on my Pin board or getting junk mail. And as the story of the business owner mentioned, some of these spam links or images were embedded with malware — that’s something I’m sure no one wants.

If you’re an user of Pinterest, be sure to check out those links on how to spot spammers so you’re not following them or repin their stuff. And be sure you’re careful with your contributor selections (i.e. letting others pin to your boards), so you don’t end up letting spammers junk up your profile.

Pinterest is often recommended for entrepreneurs looking to grow their small businesses.