Are we at the beginning of the end of Google+?


Are we at the beginning of the end of Google+?
I certainly hope not because I really do like G+ better than Facebook. It seems less noise here.

A commenter mentioned how Google+’s posting API is basically non-existence, and it makes integrating Google+ into existing app usage difficult. I certainly agree with that. An good example of that is there isn’t a real good social dashboard app out there other than HootSuite and OnlyWire. Neither is particularly practical for average users.

I have somehow figure out my social posting method to crosspost between G+ and my blog, then daisy-chain the postings to Facebook and Twitter. And I don’t mind changing my posting habits so I can use G+ as my primary social network.

But most people aren’t willing to make that change. Be it laziness, fear of trying something unfamiliar or simply ignorance to the existence of G+ altogether, people just aren’t using Google+. Time and time again I tell my friends to contact me on G+, and I never hear from them unless I head over to Facebook. How many time I try to quit Facebook but always end up getting “suck back in”.

I really hope that the history of “8 track vs. VHS” doesn’t repeat itself…

What do you think?

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