5 Free & Secure Password Management Apps

5 Free & Secure Password Management App
Pretty much almost everything you do online now uses some kind of login or user account, and since you are supposed to use unique passwords for each of those online accounts, it is becoming increasing difficult to remember all the passwords (I have at least 50 or so for myself, not to mention clients’ for work purposes).

Writing passwords down on scraps of paper isn’t the safest thing to do — what if someone gets a hold of that piece of paper or your trusted notebook?

Here are some free apps that help you manage your passwords securely, so there are no excuses not to use them.

p.s. If you’re looking for a great cross-platform solution and not mind paying a little ($20/yr, $10 for the 1st year), I recommend checking RoboForm* out.  It offers a free package too, with a limited number of synced logins allowed.

Do you use a password management app?  What do you use?  Share your favorite(s) in the comment section.

Update 6/1/2012:

A commenter on Google+ mentioned Lastpass and it looks like a very good option as well.

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