Bad Grammar is everywhere!


Bad Grammar is everywhere!
As an non-native English speaker, I've always been conscious about my grammar when I speak and writ, and I know I still make my grammar mistakes here and there.

But at least I have my excuse of being a non-native speaker (well, not really… Not after living in US for many, many years and is married to a native English speaker).  I'm surprised by what horrible grammar reporters, journalists and other professional people use these days.  News articles full of typos and strange wording, and emails with half sentences that doesn't make any sense.

And yes, I blame it on the Twitter, texting and even informal emails for the decline of proper grammar even among professionals.  I remember a friend was complaining about receiving emails with impossibly bad grammar from (potential) students, things like "i hab questin will u make me better dancer", "u teach jabawokkeez?", "i saw dis youtube vid i want to dance like dis, dont wana take class unless u teach routine liek dis"…  All I could think when I saw his posts was that our society is sure going downhill…

And I must say bad grammar is not just in English.  When I read Chinese magazines or news articles nowadays, I could only understand half of what they are saying… No, it's not because I forgot my Chinese, but because the grammar of these articles are so bad, so much slang is used, they make my Chinese young adult novels looks like classic literature…. It's quite a shame, and it sure is irritating.

Managers are fighting an epidemic of grammar gaffes in the workplace, where looseness with language can create bad impressions with clients, ruin marketing materials and cause communications errors.