DNSChanger: How it could affect you?


The deadline is near for those who are infected with the DNSChanger trojan (which is also known as "Alureon").  The temporary DNS servers that were set up by the FBI to allow those infected continue to access the legit sites will be turned off on July 9, 2012 (that's this coming Monday).

How do I know if my computer was one of the infected?

If you were infected with the DNSChanger malware and have not cleaned up your computer, you might have seen warnings from Google or alerts from Facebook.  If you haven't seen any such alerts, but want to make sure your computer is not infected, you can check out my post on DNSChanger on how to check your computer and how to clean the infection.

And if you have not a clue what the heck this whole DNSChanger business is about, CNET has a great FAQ post

Now, get busy!

Image: DCWG
Now nearly 5 years old, DNSChanger still infects hundreds of thousands of computers. If you've got it, you'll probably lose your Internet connection on Monday. Read our FAQ to learn what this …