So OS X Mountain Lion has sneaked up on me


I knew the upgrade was coming, but compare to the fanfare that Lion had last year, Mountain Lion's arrival was rather stealthy (at least in my opinion).

It's great the Apple is churning out upgrades to the OS in such speedy manner, and I certainly like the affordability of these upgrades ($19.99 for the Mountain Lion)…

But it pisses me off that Lion users who shelled out $30 last year to upgrade  from Snow Leopard (yours truly included), would have to fork out another $20 to go to Mountain Lion… When Snow Leopard users who (wisely) waited can upgrade to Mountain directly, skipping the Lion (and have an extra $30 in their pockets)!  What the hell, Apple!

Sure, one can argue that I got to enjoy a year of Lion and its supposedly better functionality, while the Snow Leopard users were stuck with their older OS.  But did that year of enjoying Lion worth my $30?  I am not so sure…  And I'm sure I am not the only one who thinks Lion-to-Mountian Lion upgrade should be free.

Looking at the New Features list for Mountain Lion, I really didn't see anything that jumped out at saying "Upgrade now so you can have this awesome feature!"  I have my choice of apps for a lot of these new features already, so I see no point in adding Apple version of the same functionalities.  All the features for China?  Who cares, since I'm not in China and don't plan on moving there anytime soon.  

And if Apple really is going to release a major OS upgrade every year, I'm okay with waiting and see what year 2013 will bring.

Those of you who do want to upgrade, you can get it from App Store.

If you want to learn more about Mountain Lion, here's the official site:.  +ZDNet also has a great roundup of info

p.s. If you bought your new Mac on or after Jun 12, 2012, you can get the Mountain Lion upgrade for free. See for more details.

Summary: Ecosystem is only part of the equation.