New I don’t dig it at all!


So has been redone and re-launched, under the new management of Betaworks (background).  I was hoping that the new Digg would be something awesome…

I was completely disappointed!  Here's why:

  • With new Digg, I have to sign into the site using Facebook.  No!  I don't want to use Facebook to sign into anything.  I'm dumping Facebook (or hardly ever logging into it again) and I don't want to associate any account or anything else with it.  What the hell happened to the old way of logging in, without Facesuck?  Why can't I just use my old login?  Which brings me to my next point…
  • My old Digg account is gone! or is a page not found.  All the links I have collected over the last year using Digg are gone!  WTF!!!!!!
  • Because of my Digg account is now gone, the Tech News page on my site, which uses a widget provided by the old Digg and displays my diggs, has gone empty.  In other words, the Tech News page on has become useless.  Good thing I had taken it off the site menu a couple of weeks ago.
  • And stop copying Pinterest! That “let’s thrown everything on a page and call it artsy” thing was cute at first, but now it’s just a big cluttering mess…

And I don't remember receiving any email, message or notification of any sort from Digg to give me heads-up about my old Digg was going the way of the dinosaurs.

This really pisses me off… Digg, since you didn't care to keep me as a user (customer) any more, I'm burying you and heading over to Reddit and Hacker News!