Patch Tuesday:
Download EMET for IE or Switch Browser

Image: Rapid7

Patch Tuesday: Download EMET for IE or Switch Browser

There is a bug in Internet Explorer (IE) newly discovered by Microsoft, and it is being used to infect PCs via drive-by downloads (malware download and installation initiated simply b visiting a malicious website).

Microsoft is urging all IE users to download a piece of security software called EMET to help mitigate the risk of infection, while the company is working on a permanent fix.  EMET stands for Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, and it can be downloaded here:

EMET needs to be downloaded, installed and configured manually, so it's kind of a pain.  If you don't feel like dealing with it, you can also simply switch to a different browser that’s not affected by this bug, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

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Remotely triggered vuln can affect a wide variety of IE and Windows versions.