Taliban + Facebook = Intelligence Gathering

Image: Mashable

Taliban spies are posing as "attractive women" or school friends on Facebook to gather intelligence from soldiers, according to a review of social media and defense conducted by the Australian government.  The report claimed the spies are gathering general information and movement from Facebook photos (via geotagging), and are possibly data-mining and tracking behavior patterns.  Friends and families are also putting the soldiers at risk, since many aren't aware of the dangers that come with oversharing via social media.

While us civilians don't have to worry about Taliban spying on us (unless of course, you are friends or family with a military personnel), but the idea is the same: Are you oversharing on social media and have you taken your social media privacy settings seriously?  

And even if answered "yes" to both question, are your friends and family oversharing your information on social media because they don't have the proper privacy settings or enough safety concerns?

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Taliban spies pose as school friends and attractive women to gain access to soldiers' Facebook photos, which often contain location information.