Beware of “Help Hurricane Sandy victims” Scams

Image: The Next Web

Sadly, another natural disaster, another opportunity for scammers and spammers to take advantage of people generosity and willingness to help.

I came across of a spam comment while surfing Mashable this morning, it was something like:

“Shop here [short URL] to help victims of Hurricane Sandy”

If clicked, the short URL sends you to a malware infested site, so you become a victim (of cybercrime).

Mashable took action quickly and deleted the spam comment, so quickly that they did it before I had a chance to take a screenshot of it. So while I don’t have “photographic evidence” of scammers/spammers trying to take advantage of a horrible situation, believe me they are out there.

What charity you want to donate to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, make sure its a reputable one. And beware of any short URL you came across.

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