Can you spot a phishing email?


Phishing and scam emails come in all shape and sizes, but all of them look at least somewhat legit… Do you know how to spot them?

Thing to look for (i.e. red flags) when spotting phishing and scam emails:

  • Unsolicited emails from companies or organizations you do not have dealings with
  • Unsolicited emails from companies or organizations that you DO have dealings with
  • Typos, misspelled words and general bad grammar in the message content
  • Asking for username and/or password — Legit companies NEVER do that!
  • Asking for bank account, email address, social security number, or other personal information — Again, legit companies don’t do such thing in email
  • Links in the emails — Always mouse over a link to check out where it actually goes before clicking on it
  • Company logos that look “off”

What else? If you can think of any other tricks to spotting phishing and scam email, please share them in the Comments section.

Click the images to see some phishing email examples: