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Phishing Alert: PayPal Phishing Email — A Good One

Posted at Jul 20, 2013 | Posted in  Cyber Security | By IT Pixie | No comments

A few days ago I received the above email in my Spam folder (click on the image to see the whole email).  It appeared to have come from PayPal, claiming to be a receipt of a $150 payment to some dude for some evening dress.  I was instantly alarmed, because I don’t recall buying any

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Eek! Watch Out for SMishing Spam!

Posted at May 31, 2013 | Posted in  Cyber Security | By IT Pixie | No comments

I just received the SMS above via my Google Voice, claiming that my Gmail account had been compromised and urging me to text back to reactivate my account… If I didn’t know any better, I would have texted back and given the crook(s) my phone number and other information necessary to really hack my Google

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WordPress Brute-Forced!

Posted at Apr 12, 2013 | Posted in  Cyber Security, WordPress | By IT Pixie | No comments

In the last couple of days, I received many invalid login alerts from one of my clients’ WordPress site — Someone was trying, desperately, to log into my client’s WordPress dashboard using invalid usernames and/or passwords.  The “desperation” (i.e. large number of login attempts within a very short period of time) and the fact that

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Can you spot a phishing email?

Posted at Jan 28, 2013 | Posted in  Cyber Security | By IT Pixie | No comments

Phishing and scam emails come in all shape and sizes, but all of them look at least somewhat legit… Do you know how to spot them? Thing to look for (i.e. red flags) when spotting phishing and scam emails: What else? If you can think of any other tricks to spotting phishing and scam email,

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Phishing Alert: “Your Order” email

Posted at Dec 07, 2012 | Posted in  Cyber Security | By IT Pixie | No comments

Yes, it’s the holiday season, and it’s also the season of cyber crooks taking advantage of holiday online shoppers, especially those who don’t usually shop online. I came across a fairly convincing (at first glance anyways) phishing/malicious email claiming to have been sent from Although the email used images from (hotlinked from,

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What to do if TSA asks for your password

Posted at Nov 20, 2012 | Posted in  Cyber Security | By IT Pixie | No comments

Image: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, file This is some serious privacy issue for travelers, especially many of us will be traveling for the holidays. First of, TSA isn’t supposed to confiscate laptops, search digital devices or demand passwords. If someone at a TSA checkout ever attempts to confiscate your devices and/or gain access to your passwords,

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Beware of “Help Hurricane Sandy victims” Scams

Posted at Nov 01, 2012 | Posted in  Cyber Security | By IT Pixie | No comments

Image: The Next Web Sadly, another natural disaster, another opportunity for scammers and spammers to take advantage of people generosity and willingness to help. I came across of a spam comment while surfing Mashable this morning, it was something like: “Shop here [short URL] to help victims of Hurricane Sandy” If clicked, the short URL

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WordPress Plugin Exploit Alert: Wordfence Security

Posted at Oct 24, 2012 | Posted in  Cyber Security, Google+ Posts, WordPress | By IT Pixie | No comments

Secunia has reported a XSS vulnerability in WordPress security plugin Wordfence Security, which can be exploited to execute arbitrary HTML and script code in a user’s browser session in context of an affected site. The vulnerability affects versions 3.3.5 and prior, and has been patched in the latest version (3.3.7).  If you’re using this plugin, please

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Attack of Fake Lookout Android App

Posted at Oct 19, 2012 | Posted in  Cyber Security, Nerd Speak | By IT Pixie | 1 Comment

Today I stumbled across an alert about a new malware discovered by TrustGo.  What caught my attention was this malware is pretending to be Lookout Mobile Security‘s Android app. TrustGo’s post details how the malware works: The malware, Trojan!FakeLookout.A, is embedded in another bogus app that supposedly “helps” you update a bunch of other apps. Once

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Data-Hungry Apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted at Oct 19, 2012 | Posted in  Cyber Security, Google+ Posts | By IT Pixie | No comments

Do you know what data you’re giving out when you authorize Facebook apps to have access to your account?  ZoneAlarm has put together an infographic to show you.  It also ranked 10 popular Facebook apps on their handling of user data… How does your favorite apps score?  You can use a Facebook app (!) called “Privacyscore”

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