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5 Free & Secure Password Management Apps

Posted at May 04, 2012 | Posted in  Cyber Security, Google+ Posts, Poor Girl's Guide | By IT Pixie | No comments

5 Free & Secure Password Management App Pretty much almost everything you do online now uses some kind of login or user account, and since you are supposed to use unique passwords for each of those online accounts, it is becoming increasing difficult to remember all the passwords (I have at least 50 or so

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Best Free Software of 2012 (Q1)

Posted at Apr 02, 2012 | Posted in  Google+ Posts, Poor Girl's Guide | By IT Pixie | No comments

Best Free Software of 2012 (Q1) Okay, it’s only April, but +PCMag has already come out with a extensive list of free software goodies… And when I say extensive, I mean 270+ apps in 20+ categories extensive! To those who are on a budget or those who simply like free stuff, enjoy! The Best Free

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Poor Girl’s Guide: Free Antivirus and Internet Security

Posted at Feb 05, 2012 | Posted in  Cyber Security, Poor Girl's Guide | By IT Pixie | 2 Comments

Whether it’s your New Year’s Resolution to beef up your computer’s security, or it’s because you had received a shiny, brand new computer for Christmas (or New Year), the first order of business should be getting some kick-ass antivirus/anti-malware onto your machine.  With spammers are looking to enslave your computer to do their dirty work

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Audacity Awesomeness

Posted at Jun 18, 2011 | Posted in  Poor Girl's Guide | By IT Pixie | No comments

I have mentioned Audacity before when I talked about alternatives to Adobe software, and I absolutely love it.  I use it all the time to create ringtones, music clips and dance music (I happen to be a ballet/contemporary dancer). And today I did something that made me love Audacity even more. I found this piece

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Adobe Creative Suite Alternatives: A Poor Girl’s Guide

Posted at Nov 02, 2010 | Posted in  Poor Girl's Guide | By IT Pixie | 1 Comment

I have always wanted a Creative Suite.  I’ve been using WebEasy Professional (by Avanquest Software) to do my website designing work; and don’t get me wrong, I like my WebEasy Pro 8.  It has enough of bells and whistles that the software does great jobs for most people, novice and pros alike.  For photo editing,

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